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The Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF) will work with families and communities to help safeguard children from abuse and neglect. DCF will also provide foster care as necessary as well. Parental reunification is not always possible, and in those circumstances, DCF may help find permanent families for children. It can also help young adults who are transitioning out of the DCF program and into independent living. Promoting safety of children and providing them with an environment in which they can thrive is DCF’s top priority.

These services can be beneficial for children who are actually undergoing these experiences. However, families in some situations may be misunderstood, or others may make accusations that are not based in fact. These situations can be downright terrifying for families, as some charges or accusations can have long-term effects on families, including a parent’s right to see and interact with their children.

While DCF can be a great resource, it can also cause severe problems for families who are wrongfully accused of neglect or abuse. Sladen Family Law, PLLC can help with a variety of issues dealing with DCF, including working them to earn back child custody.

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