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Diana Sladen of Sladen Family Law is a wife and mother of two. She understands just how important clients’ families are to them. She understands and empathizes with her clients and fights passionately on their behalf.

Sladen Family Law clients are more than just a number—they are friends. At Sladen Family Law clients can expect to be heard and respected.

Sladen Family Law domestic relations work includes the following general areas. This list is not exhaustive, so please reach out to discuss other family law issues as well.

  • DIVORCE : No one wants to meet under these circumstances, but we strive to make the divorce process as painless as possible. We are here to help you weather this storm.
  • ADOPTION: There are many ways to begin or expand your family. At Sladen Family Law, we are excited to play an important role in your family’s new chapter.
  • PATERNITY: Whether we are establishing your rights as a father or ensuring that you receive the support your child is entitled to as a mother, paternity actions can be complex. You can trust us to establish a solid foundation.
  • CONTEMPT: Court orders are intended to be followed–so what happens when they are not? We are here to help you enforce prior orders.
  • MODIFICATION: You made an agreement, your life has changed and now it isn’t working. We can help you make changes to any prior agreements and orders.
  • DEPARTMENT OF CHILDREN AND FAMILIES (“DCF”) INVOLVEMENTYou have just received a call from a social worker at DCF. What do you do? Give us a call to discuss your options and rights.
  • PROBATE MATTERS: Whether you are applying for or defending a guardianship or conservatorship, we can help.
  • OTHER: There are numerous matters that come before the Probate and Family Court in Massachusetts. Please give us a call to discuss any issues pertaining to your family.

Whatever your domestic relations matter, Sladen Family Law can help. Do not wait to involve a competent family law attorney! Call today for more information.

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